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Name: @Arthur Knowledge

Specialties: Movie Reviews, particularly geek classics.

Shows: The Quest for Geekdom

Tagline: "Join Arthur on his fun-filled Quest for Geekdom!"

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Name: @Battle Geek Plus

Specialties: Gaming and more.

Shows: Battle Geek Plus Boss Booten, Jimmy Buckrider, Kung Kwon Todd, BGP the Series, The Awesome Ninja, The Chosen One

Tagline: "Get ready to AWESOME!"

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Name: @The Blockbuster Chick

Specialties: Reviews and discussion of blockbuster movies.

Shows: The Blockbuster Chick, Movies 360 (Podcast)

Tagline: "The Blockbuster Chick, bringing you the movies you LOVE to HATE!"

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Name: @The Cartoon Hero

Specialties: Animation and Anime; reviews, lists, and analysis. Some game-related stuff.

Shows: The Cartoon Hero

Tagline: "The Cartoon Hero is here to save the day!"

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Name: @Chris The Nerd

Specialties: Music, Games, Vlogs, TV and more.

Shows: Nerd Rage, Light of the Night Reviews, CtN Game Reviews, Chris's V-Logs, Specials

Tagline: "Time for an attack of NERD RAGE!!!"

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Name: The Comic Strip Critic

Specialties: Newspaper comics

Shows: The Punchline, Punchline News

Tagline: "I'm your Comic Strip Critic, and I read the funny pages in the hope that someday they will be."

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Name: @Count Jackula

Specialties: Horror movies, particularly those of questionable merit.

Shows: Count Jackula's Reviews

Tagline: "Where Bad Movies Stalk the Night!"

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Name: @Enigma

Specialties: Video game stuff and more.

Shows: Unboxed, Kick It

Tagline: n/a

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Name: FanFic Critic

Specialties: Comedic reviews of horrible fan fiction.

Shows: FanFic Critic

Tagline: "Reviews by The FanFic Critic!"

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Name: @Film Renegado

Specialties: Movies with Mexican themes and/or of Mexican origin.

Shows: The Film Renegado

Tagline: "The Film Renegado ventures into the review universe to take a look at and share films related to Mexico and Mexican culture. Will he succeed?"

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Name: @The Hardcore Kid

Specialties: Movies, TV, Animation/Anime, YouTube stuff

Shows: The Hardcore Kid

Tagline: "Movies, television and more with The Hardcore Kid!"

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Name: @The Horror Guru

Specialties: Reviews of horror Films.

Shows: Blood-Splattered Cinema

Tagline: "The Horror Guru reviews the bloodiest, wildest and strangest genre cinema has to offer!"

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Name: @Iannone

Specialties: Sports Movies

Shows: Sports Reel, Just My Opinion

Tagline: "Those are the highlights!"

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Name: @Joey Tedesco

Specialties: Animation reviews.

Shows: Cartoon Palooza

Tagline: "The Cartoon Palooza! Either it's worth it or... FUGHETABOUIT!"

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Name: @Johnny Chase

Specialties: Video games and... food?

Shows: The Achievement Whore, Geeketeria

Tagline: "Reviewing games and geeky foods for your entertainment!"

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Name: @Lord Fail

Specialties: Reviews of videos games. Bad ones.

Shows: Set to Fail

Tagline: "When the good gets scarce and the bad gets worse!"

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Name: The Man Behind the Mask

Specialties: Hockey, hockey, and more hockey.

Shows: Let's Talk Hockey

Tagline: "Time to break the ice!"

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Name: @Media Hunter

Specialties: Movie reviews, specifically of films involving animals.

Shows: The Media Hunter

Tagline: "The Media Hunter: reviewing freshly-captured films for your entertainment!"

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Name: @Middle Aged Nerd

Specialties: Reviews of classic music

Shows: Classic Song Reviews

Tagline: "When music was excellent and lyrics were meaningful!"

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Name: @Mues

Specialties: Wrestling and music.

Shows: Mues Reviews, First Impressions, Raw Reactions, Rope Break, Sh*tcoms

Tagline: "Expressing my freedom of speech -- whether you like it or not!"

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Name: @Ozzie Arcane

Specialties: Game reviews (mostly current), Let's Plays, Animation/Anime Reviews

Shows: Planet Arcane, Backlogged Gaming, Planet Arcane, Ozzie Plays, MMO Ramblings, Specials

Tagline: "Reviews and more by the magical, mysterious and misanthropic Ozzie Arcane!"

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Name: Some Jerk w/a Camera

Specialties: Reviews of theme parks and related media.

Shows: Some Jerk's Reviews, Bonus Episodes

Tagline: "Disneyland as it was meant to be seen: in a glowing rectangle on a magic box!"

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Name: Rowdy Reviewer

Specialties: Reviews of bad TV shows.

Shows: TV Trash, Zelda Retrospective, TMNT Retrospective

Tagline: "I'm Rowdy C, here to tell you what TV shows deserve to be trashed!"

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Name: @Spazzmaster

Specialties: Game reviews. And reviewer reviews.

Shows: Spazzmaster's Reviews

Tagline: "Just quite POSSIBLY the most Kick Ass-tastic thing ever!"

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Name: @Writrzblok

Specialties: Reviews of comic books.

Shows: Way or No Way

Tagline: "We put the "comic" in comic books!"

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No, says the man at Sony, it should be powerful.
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